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Haliburton County is one of Ontario's most popular four-season tourist destinations, located about two and a half hours' drive north of Toronto. The region is home to approximately 600 lakes, and borders on Algonquin Provincial Park to the northeast.

In the spring, summer and fall, visitors flock to Haliburton to enjoy swimming, canoeing and fishing. The winter brings its own special charm -- with breathtaking scenery, and some of the best winter sports anywhere: snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross-country and downhill skiing, and even dog-sledding.

The villages of Haliburton and Minden offer all the amenities: grocery stores, restaurants, LCBO stores, two modern hospitals, and plenty of other shops and services. There are also small grocery stores and LCBO outlets in the villages of West Guilford, Eagle Lake, Gooderham and Wilberforce.

Haliburton County is also famous for its vibrant community of artists and craftspeople. There is an annual tour of local artists' studios. Haliburton Village is also home to Fleming College's spectacular new Haliburton School of the Arts, located on Head Lake. The College offers full-time diploma courses; artistic cottagers can take advantage of week-long and weekend courses in the summer. There are even special courses for kids.

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